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Have you ever seen a point cloud? Or perhaps a better question is, have you ever heard of a point cloud? Chances are you have not.

Video by Jeffery A Scott Architects PC

Point Cloud Building Section Point Cloud Isometric Point Cloud Raw Plan Section

The Background picture is not just a simple photo. The image was extracted from a point cloud. What makes it so special? You can measure from a point cloud! Simply put, point clouds are formed utilizing hundreds of millions of points to create a digital 3D image. Each point has a distinct position in the x, y, and z directions. Anyone who deals with buildings or construction knows dimensional knowledge of existing conditions is critical. Take the tapered porch columns for instance. Not only are you able to measure the centerline spacing of all the columns, but also the diameter and profile from the base to the capital. (The columns are not equally spaced)

Here at JSA, we are pleased to announce we now have the capability to create a point cloud of your facility. Whether it is for future renovations, ongoing facility maintenance or just to have a complete record for insurance purposes, you now have the ability to have a complete and accurate record of your facility. Our expertise as Architects, with an eye on detail, provides you with the confidence, your point cloud properly captures the information to fit your needs.

JSA creates the point cloud by going out to your site and utilizing our 3D scanning technology to record the facility. If you can see it, our scanner will measure it. Then by combining the various scans throughout the interior and exterior of the building, we create a complete 3D virtual model point cloud of the building.

However, creating the point cloud is just one part of what this technology is capable of. Once we have your point cloud, we can harvest information in a variety of ways. One use for extracting information is to generate traditional 2D documentation, such as plans, sections, and elevations quickly and accurately. Intricate profiles of millwork items such as door and window trim and crown and base moldings are easily documented on historical structures. Secondly we are able to provide web based access to your point cloud which allows you to virtually tour your facility and obtain general information.

Many companies may also be interested in animated tour walk-throughs or interactive virtual tours of their facilities which can be posted on the internet for use by the public or customers. The possibilities are endless.

3D Laser Scanner

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Video by Jeffery A Scott Architects PC

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