Kroger - Commerce Township, Michigan

Project Description:
This Kroger grocery store & site was built completely new from the ground up. The store design followed the standard store prototype & criteria of the time (1997). In 2007 the store underwent an interior remodel where areas were modified and updated to a new décor scheme

Service Provided to the Client:
With this project, we worked with Kroger and our consultants (civil,structural, mechanical, & electrical) to provide a complete site & building from an empty lot. When remodeling and updating the look of the store to Kroger's latest décor scheme, we provided our client with a complete construction document package to provide a cost effective and timely remodel with out sacrificing any of the quality of the work.

Unique Design Solutions:
With this new project, we took the floor plan / store layout given to us from Kroger and created a front façade that is unique to this store and yet fits the Kroger store image and was economical to build. Later in 2007 we updated the interior and adapted Kroger's newer décor scheme to work with the existing store.

Additional Project Comments:
In 2004 we added an enclosure at the rear of the store around the trash compactor to contain the area and prevent rainwater runoff from the compactor. In 2007 we remodeled the interior of the store to update some fixtures and provide a fresh new décor.

Kroger Commerce Township
Kroger Commerce Township

Project Data:
Year: Built 1997; Interior Remodel 2007
Square Footage: 66,685