Kroger - Livonia, Michigan

Project Description:
With this project, Kroger has expanded into adjacent tenant spaces, added an addition to the front and expanded the rear delivery dock. As part of the expansion and addition, the front façade was redesigned. The inside has also been updated and remodeled with a new décor scheme.

Service Provided to the Client:
With this project, we worked with Kroger and adjacent residents in attaining Site Plan Approval and addressing the neighbors concerns over the proposed project. We also worked with Kroger, the general contractor, and steel trades to address cost savings related to the high price of steel at the time.

Unique Design Solutions:
As part of the expansion/remodel, we redesigned the front façade to give the store a more attractive presence. Architectural elements were added to the main & secondary entrances. With the tower like entrances, a band of back-lit translucent glass was added to the top to give the store a unique look at night.

Additional Project Comments:
Custom steel canopies (straight and curved) along with accent lighting on the front elevation added character to the brick & eifs façade.

Kroger Livonia Kroger Livonia Kroger Livonia Kroger Livonia Kroger Livonia
Kroger Livonia

Project Data:
Year: 2004
Square Footage: 69,774
Construction Cost: 4.8 million dollars